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Do you find yourself craving more of God? Are you stirring in holy discontentment of shallow prayers and mundane time spent with God? Do you find yourself frustrated with the culture of complacency? Have you ever discovered yourself at a place where your sinful heart, mind, and body are all in need of major transformation? Us too.


The mission of Radiant Sisters is to equip women to relentlessly pursue Christ, community, and the call.  Radiant Sisters: Deeply Rooted Community discusses spiritual accountability, identifies how to organize your own Radiant Sisters group, stages the culture for success, and provides guided practices to help grow your personal relationship with Christ and others. Part One of the book lays the foundations while Part Two guides your newly formed group through a series of homework assignments and meetings that encourage the group’s members in their pursuits. 


Radiant Sisters is about pushing into the uncomfortable space and being transformed by God through your obedience.  Your Radiant Sisters are here to speak truth in love according to His word. Sisters, believe that God is able to do abundantly more than we ask or think.  Give God the glory and, through this experience, you will not be disappointed. God’s invitation to become a Radiant Sister in a transformative community is calling. Simply say “yes.”

Radiant Sisters: Deeply Rooted Community is currently in beta testing and we hope to seek publishing later this year. Join the Sisterhood to receive additional resources and updates on the release of this book.  Thank you for your prayers and support.



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Encouragement on Community

Enjoy podcast episodes featuring your Radiant Sisters.

Podcast Hannah.jpg

Ep. 27
Community - Accountability
with Hannah Kalk

Podcast Rocky.png

Ep. 29

Community - Community's Role in Suffering with Rocky Bush

Radiant Sisters speaking on Spirituality at the Thrive Women's Wellness event powdered by

Julie FitSmith.

Radiant Sisters

in relentless pursuit of Christ, community, and the call.


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