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Our mission at Radiant Sisters is to equip women to relentlessly pursue Christ, community, and the call. Our desire is to be intentional to provide you with resources that will deepen your spiritual discipline practices. Throughout the year, as a community, we will  explore, experience, and encounter Christ in new and exciting ways. 

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Each month you'll receive resources and equipping information to explore, experience, and encounter Christ through a new spiritual discipline.

Daily Scripture

Complimentary downloadable PDF reading plan based on each month's spiritual discipline.  Explore God's Word in ten minutes or less.

Online Community


Receive content from the Radiant Sisters' contributing writers team to guide your experience with spiritual disciplines.  Fill your social feed with daily scriptures in cadence with your reading plan.

Online Facebook group to have weekly discussions with other women encountering Christ alongside you. Join the community today!


Your Questions Answered

Why spiritual disciplines?

Spiritual disciples are intended to help turn our hearts towards Jesus to encounter, experience, and explore all He has to offer. God deeply desires to meet us where we are and increase our love, joy, and hope found in Him. The path of disciplined pursuit can direct us towards growth, transformation, and healing. 


Spiritual disciplines are not intended to be legalistic nor do we have to become “worthy enough” to practice them. In fact, without God, these practices fall short. But with Him, our eyes are opened and our souls are free to relentlessly pursue Christ, community, and our calling.

Which spiritual disciplines will be covered?

We will be covering spiritual disciplines such as prayer, generosity, and intentionality.  There will be a new focus emailed out each month.  We cannot wait to share them with you.

What if I missed the Jan. 1st launch?

Sister, you're good!  Each month we feature a new spiritual discipline so you can jump in at any time.  Even when you join later in the year, you'll receive access to the resources provided for the prior months.  This will allow you to not only increase your knowledge on the various disciplines, but also put them into practice at any time.  The online community is constantly growing, sharing, and communicating about their experiences encountering God with these spiritual disciplines.

What's the committment?

The commitment to Relentless Pursuit will vary by person.  We will provide you with the tools and resources to utilize the different disciplines along with an online community for support, but it's up to you to put them into practice.  Our resources include a 5-day a week Bible reading plan based on that month's spiritual discipline that'll take you ten minutes or less each day to complete.  You may find yourself more excited one month and challenged the next depending on the various disciplines, but that is okay.  We are here to support and guide you along the way. 

"And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another."

2 Corinthians 3:18 (ESV)

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