• Hannah Kalk

Writing a book is...

Recently, many people have asked me what it is like to write a book. It is difficult to answer this thoughtful question with only one sentence. I thought I would answer it the best way I know how….with all the words.

Writing a book is literally falling on your face before the Lord and pleading that this book be all of Him and none of you.

Writing a book is detailing a schedule with deadlines and plans so that the task doesn’t feel so impossible.

Writing a book is staring at a blank screen and waiting for the words to come to you with no success.

Writing a book is praying that the message will someday lead to fruitful transformation.

Writing a book is recognizing how much you need a team to make you better.

Writing a book is sobbing when you read the words you just wrote, because you know those words came straight from the Holy Spirit.

Writing a book is pouring your heart onto a page.

Writing a book is googling if deeply rooted needs a hyphen or not. (Seriously...we still don’t fully know).

Writing a book is wondering if anyone will even like what you wrote.

Writing a book is hours spent in your local Starbucks.

Writing a book is running into someone who has read your book and hoping that it impacted their life.

Writing a book is questioning yourself every step of the way.

Writing a book is spending money you may never get back.

Writing a book is inviting Jesus into every single step of the process.

Writing a book is asking your family to provide you with space for creativity and discipline.

Writing a book is more editing than anything else.

Writing a book is opening up your deepest feelings for others to consume.

Writing a book is arguing with your coauthor over the tiniest grammar and content details and still loving each other fiercely.

Writing a book is tearing up when someone tells you the content is life changing.

Writing a book is a lot of waiting.

Writing a book is questioning every single word used to make sure it speaks exactly what it needs to speak.

Writing a book is a response in obedience towards the bigger call.

Writing a book is branding and dreaming and planning and selling.

Writing a book is both everything you thought it would be and nothing you thought it would be.

Writing a book is feeling completely unequipped for the task at hand.

Writing a book is ministry. Grueling, fulfilling, exciting, scary, hard, easy, joyful, wonderful ministry.

So there you go. That is what it is like to write a book. Well, that and so much more.

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