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The Keep Going Mentality of a Proverbs 31 Woman

Proverbs 31 tells us that the ideal woman is virtuous, resilient, and selfless. She does not procrastinate but rises even before the sun, to delegate tasks and engage in business. She strengthens her body and mind to overcome the challenges she will face. She is purpose-driven. One thing I know for sure is that God’s purpose for your life is intended to benefit someone else. A Proverbs 31 Woman is committed to living her life in a way that demonstrates her love for God and improves the lives of others. Didn’t God give us a wonderful example to follow? As women of God, we must align ourselves with her example to keep going as we work to fulfill our God-given purpose in life.

I am reminded of a story about a young woman who was God-fearing, educated, and hard-working. She dedicated her life to serving others through mentoring. One cold February morning, she received a call telling her to get to her parents’ house as soon as possible. When she arrived, it appeared that her mother was not breathing. The EMS technician stated that her pulse was shallow and that they were going to take her to the emergency room. When the young lady arrived at the hospital, she was immediately directed to a private family room. Her heart dropped as she prepared for the worst. When the doctor came into the room, he slowly sat down on the couch and told her that her mother passed away en route to the hospital. She sat there in shock, wondering how she and her family would go on. Her mother had always been there to guide her and support her as the young lady supported so many others. Depression began to set in as she came to grips with the fact that she would never see or talk to her mother again…or so she thought. Her grief took her attention away from her calling, and her commitment to mentoring began to falter. But our God is an on-time God. A few months after her death, her mother visited her in a dream, and it changed her life.

In the dream, she saw her mother lying in a school gym on a green cot. She ran over to her mother and said, “Mom I love you, I love you.” She expected her mother to awaken, but she did not. All the pain she felt several months ago at the hospital came rushing back and hit her like a bolt of lightning. She felt empty and lost. Then a few moments later, her mother’s eyes opened, and she sat up on the cot. She looked at the young lady with a serious expression on her face. She pointed at her and said in a powerful voice “Do you know that scripture in the Bible that says train up a child in the way that he should go?” The young lady replied yes, and her mother said “KEEP GOING! YOU KEEP GOING!”

The young woman understood that God used this spiritual encounter with her mother to rekindle her commitment to her purpose, and she got busy. That dream freed her from the bondage of her grief. She went on to write books and deliver speeches as testimonies that empower and inspire others. Of course, she continued to face adversity. She became a single mother, which was even more difficult because she did not have her mother to guide her... but she had that dream. Shortly thereafter, she lost her job, but she held onto that dream. The young lady could easily have given up and succumbed to fear and doubt. But she remembered her mother’s words and kept going.

It is no secret that life is full of trials and tribulations. Each has the potential to overwhelm us with grief or fear, to stop us in our tracks, to distract us from our purpose. Do not let go of your purpose because of a short-term situation. Defeat is temporary…purpose is forever. Believe it or not, we are all equipped to be Proverbs 31 Women. I am speaking from experience. You see, that young lady in the story is me. It has not always been easy, but I kept going and I am still going. My hope is that this message will remind you that no matter how bad things may seem, you too can be a Proverbs 31 Woman…resilient, selfless, and purpose driven. Keep Going! The power that you have in you, and the God that is above you will help you make it through any challenges that you encounter. God Bless You.


Latonya L. Garth

Author • Life Coach • Motivational Speaker




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