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Radiant Sisters: My Newest Tribe

The following post was originally written in February of 2019 when the original Radiant Sisters group was taking off. I had just discovered the beauty of the group and felt the first urges to share its beauty with others. As we launch a ministry that helps other women develop deeply rooted community, I thought it would be helpful to share my real-time experience. Enjoy.

Every woman I've ever met wants a tribe. A tribe is made up of your people. The people who will be there for you through it all. The people who aren't blood related, but you still call family. Your tribe shows up for you time and time again.

I am so blessed to be a part of so many different tribes. There is my Camp Gladiator tribe who push me physically and mentally to the next level.

There is my high school tribe who were some of the few people in my life who have been able to watch the entire Kalk love story unfold.

Then, there is The Fellowship Church tribe who I do ministry with. These people selflessly give their time, resources, and finances to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Finally, there is the infamous LifeGroup tribe. This one has seen is all. Heartbreak, joy, hurts, love, newness, tradition, and growth. These people are who I call, who I hug, and who I "do life" with most.

Each one of these tribes are so so important and so so good to Jacob, Jaxon, and I. However, God put a longing in my heart for a new kind of tribe. Recently, I had begun feeling immense irritation with the amount of complacency that is accepted in the world. People are too often content with simply "good enough." I believe God created us for far more. In fact, I believe that average efforts produce less than average results. I was craving something more. Something deeper.

After prayerfully considering the tug, God led me to form a group of women who are fully committed to going DEEP and growing in Christ. These women aren't playing games. Each and every one of them has a fierce desire to put in the grueling work it takes to transform. We began our accountability group back in October, and the fruits of it are nothing short of miraculous. Each of us has set BIG goals, and we each have seen progress in those areas. We have learned how much we DESPERATELY need to rely and depend on God, and how much we need each other to do so. We don't focus on what's going well. We focus on our baggage. It is messy. It is tough. It is raw. But WOW. It is so rewarding.

We have found a safe place in one another. A place we can call one another out and know it comes from a loving place. A place that we can witness God move from month to month, and a place where Christ-centered sisterhood is developed. These woman are my lifeline right now.

Today, we celebrated a huge with with one of the women in our group. Today she said "yes" to courage. She proclaimed (literally!) that she is NO LONGER A SLAVE TO FEAR. She fought for it, and proved to God, us, and most importantly, herself, that she can overcome. Tears came over me as we walked across the finish line, together, in support of the victory. Throughout the race we prayed, we spoke scripture, we sang worship songs, and we laughed at "stepping on the fear she was leaving behind." Most importantly, we as a team got to glorify God in an exciting way.

Ladies, if you are reading this, and you desire this kind of community. Make it happen. I would be more than happy to get you started, but it honestly just requires faith, courage, and obedience to take the leap.

Find your tribe. Not one that is comfortable and cozy, but one that is raw and genuine. One that is messy and real. One that is safe and exhilarating. One that pushes you one step out of the comfort zone to experience God in new ways.

P.S. My love notes to each of them (in order of the picture):

Lauren, you are my ministry partner. You have immense faith. You are unapologetically you. It is refreshing. You are bold enough to say what you think each time. You keep me humble, grounded, and finishing on time *wink* You are our realist.

Melissa, you are my safest space. You are braver than you know, and smarter than you'd admit. You're sharp. You ask the perfect questions. You are always down to try something new, and you trust God through the process. You are our encourager.

Rocky, you are my person. You love fiercer than anyone I know. You push. You challenge. You humbly apologize. You question our unidentified excuses, setbacks, and strongholds in a way that no one else can. You serve us with your commitment and honesty. You are our energizer.

Holly (not pictured, because she was resting to prepare for her little sweet pea's arrival!, you are my inspiration. You notice the good that no one else sees. You are tender to the needs of the group. You are emotional in exactly the right ways, and you aren't afraid to ask for help. You are our peace.

Together, we will always be better. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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