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Pursuit of God’s Heart

At the start of my husband and I’s parenting journey I began to pray over the character traits that our children would one day exhibit. When learning that we were expecting our daughter, I knew in some way she would take after me. In my pride, I, of course, only wanted her to take on my good traits: encouraging, caring, laughing at the days to come; but have come to the not always pleasant realization that she will also exhibit some of my weaknesses too. I also began to consider the biblical traits of those we read about and sought God’s face in molding my children in His image. So my prayer then became that my children would be resolute like Daniel, forgiving like Joseph, brave like Esther, wise like Solomon, loyal like Jonathan, faithful like Ruth, obedient like Moses, discerning like Samuel, and one who chases after God’s own heart like David. This is not an exhaustive list, and I continue to see God growing my understanding of the vessels He uses for His glory. My prayer is not only that my kids would exhibit these attributes but that I would live them out in my own life.

Most of the character traits are simple to grasp, but the phrase ‘after God’s own heart’ is something so profound. In David, we see a human that is both broken and blessed, rebellious and restored, and, honestly, I’m grateful for David’s humanity. Within his brokenness, I know that I too can be ‘after God’s own heart.’ In the books of Chronicles, Samuel, and Psalms we learn about David’s character--he held unwavering faith and trust in God and he was repentant when he sinned. That sin didn’t come without consequences; however, David sought forgiveness.

David trusted wholeheartedly in the Lord to slay a giant, rule a kingdom, free him from his enemies, and confessed, repented, and sought forgiveness from the Lord when he sinned. My prayer is that I too would exhibit these traits seen in David--unwavering in faith and trust, repentant of my sins, and dependent upon God alone. I want to model what it looks like to pursue after God’s heart for my children because I’m coming to learn that more is ‘caught’ than ‘taught.’

In all things, David’s eyes are affixed to our Savior. Psalms 22:2-3 says, “Every day I call to you, my God, but you do not answer. Every night I lift my voice, but I find no relief. Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.” I love the phrase ‘yet you are holy’ because David recognizes that whatever his circumstances may be, God is still holy and worthy of his trust and obedience. He remains in relentless pursuit of God in all things even while being pursued by his enemies, and he is not shaken. These are all traits that I want my children to see in me: pursuing after God no matter my circumstances or emotions and asking for forgiveness when I fail. I long for my eyes to be fixed on my Savior because He alone is worthy of being enthroned on all of our praises.

Sometimes my child struggles to fall asleep at night. While it can definitely be an inconvenience and my flesh certainly fails me, it is a gift. Scared of being alone, my child asks me to hold hands until falling asleep. This truly is a sweet time that gives me a glimpse of David chasing after God’s heart--not wanting to part from His presence and finding comfort in His nearness.

My heart response to David’s pursuit of God is encouragement and hope in this journey. Sisters, my prayer is that we would relentlessly chase after God’s heart together no matter our circumstances, hold unwavering faith and trust in Christ and repent when we fall short. May we continue to spur one another on to live that out and model it for our families and community.



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