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If I Can Fail, Then No

This post was initially written in early 2018. I was beginning to discover the call Christ had placed in my life, and had taken a leap of faith to begin my blog. This small step in obedience led to a life of ministry and laid the foundation for Radiant Sisters. Since this post, I have continued to check items off of my dream list. I hope these words inspire you to take the first step towards the call on your life.

One of the greatest lies that Satan has gotten away with is telling us that our dreams will never come to fruition, so why try?

Even when determining whether or not I should begin this blog, my mind wrestled with the idea that if the content was not perfect and a wild success, then I shouldn’t even try. I was drawn to the following verse:

I am a passionate and determined soul with a heart on fire to fulfill God’s plans for me. Abundant life is what I seek, and I seek it with everything I have.

In 2016, a good friend of mine encouraged me to complete a dream board with her. At the time, I admittedly felt a little silly. However, the practice has kicked off this powerful and transformative journey. 

On my initial list was: Become a Mom. Adopt children. Go to Grad School. Become a Marriage and Family Therapist. Write a Book. Speak at a Conference. 

Recently, I was invited to speak at our local church’s women’s ministry conference on a discipline I am extremely passionate about known as Immanuel Journaling. Even with a newborn, I had coordinated babysitting for my son, prepared my message, and became excited to cross off a big item on my dream board.

I later got the call that there was a miscommunication, and they already had that spot covered. Immediately, I felt rejected, less than, and disappointed in myself. I struggled, because I just knew this opportunity had been of God, and in my mind, I had failed.

After some soul searching, I recognized that I had made the opportunity about me instead of about God.

I wanted to get recognition as a speaker and receive praise for my work rather than point people to seek Jesus.

Fast forward a few days, and I decided to meet a friend for coffee. She was wrestling with some important decisions and was having trouble hearing from Jesus.

In that moment, I was able to share how Immanuel Journaling has deepened my spiritual walk and allowed me to hear clearly and directly from God. She shared in a future conversation that she was so blessed by the Immanuel Journaling, and God had gifted her clarity regarding her difficult situation.

It was almost immediately that God revealed to me that just because the conference did not work out the way I intended it to, it does not mean that the experience was a failure. In fact it was quite the opposite. The little moments in the coffee shop eventually lead to the big moments on a stage.

From that revelation, I began writing in this blog. I thought will it fail? Possibly. Will I regret it? Not at all. I won’t regret it, because the enemy’s lie will not stop me from giving God the glory. My fear of failure will no longer control my life. I WILL have a life of abundance and I WILL encourage others to do the same.


This is my dream board as it currently stands in January of 2020. I’m sure I will have much more to add to the list over the years, and I have already checked off more than I ever thought possible. I am looking forward to God expanding on the call for my life and allowing me to dream new ways to equip women to relentlessly pursue Christ, community, and their call.

Marry My High School Sweetheart.

Buy a House.

Become a Mom.

Adopt Children. TBD

Go to Grad School.

Become a Marriage and Family Therapist. So close!

Work in Full-Time ministry.

Start a Ministry.

Go on an International Mission Trip.

Write a Book.

Publish a book. Hopefully soon

Travel to Tahiti with My Husband. Ha! Keep dreaming.

Lose 90lbs. 50lbs down! 40 to go.

Speak at a Conference. Fingers crossed for 2020.

I want to invite you to join me in writing your own dream board. What lies are holding you back from jumping all in to the call on your life?

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