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Equipping Ourselves for a Better 2021

2020 was a tough year. It was common suffering. It was communal grieving. It really does not require much more of an explanation. 2020 was HARD.

As I watched various people walk through the grieving process and navigate their pain, I noticed some people achieved acceptance much faster and healthier than others. In watching them process this heavy year (I say them, because I was unfortunately not one of those people), I noticed three striking areas of obedience in their pursuit of Christ.

Equipping Ourselves for a Better 2021

1. They Stood Firm on God’s Truth

The people who adapted well to 2020 were in God’s Word (and enjoying being in His Word) so much that they were able to take captive the lies from the enemy and stand firm on what they knew to be true. They were disciplined, they prioritized time with Christ in their schedules, and they clung to the truth when so much in the world seemed unsteady.

2. They Were Intentional About Practicing Gratitude

The healthiest approach to the storm and chaos of our year was to look for the good. When we got off the media and simply opened our eyes, we could see good all around us. Remember the drive-by birthdays, the caring for your neighbors, the charge for racial reconciliation, and the breath of fresh air that came with the emptied calendar? Sometimes I remembered, but mostly I forgot to be intentional about thanking God for the joys of this year.

3. They Took Time to Appreciate the Beauty in God’s Creation

The people that grieved well took the time to meet God in His creation. They spent time in nature. They saw people as the image of God and refused to become a bully behind a keyboard. They shut out the world and asked God to reveal Himself to them, and they were blessed by that.

2021 isn’t going to get better all on its own. COVID is still very much alive and well. Racism still abounds. Inequality, a lack of justice, and political division continue to stir in our country. Our pain, loss, hardships, and suffering will not magically go away on January 1st. But with the new year comes an opportunity for a new start and a chance for us to build habits and choose truth, gratitude, and appreciation for God’s creation.

If you’d like to be better equipped for 2021, start here:

  • Sign up to join our online Radiant Sisters community, download our FREE Chronological Bible in a Year, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to receive questions, encouragement, daily verses, and theological content as you read the Word of God this year

  • Intentionally practice gratitude for 5 minutes a day, 3 times a day, for 30 days. Spend the entire 5 minutes focused on a simple joy (sunset, your spouse’s eyes, or a beautiful flower) or a “wow” moment (wedding day, the birth of a child, or your favorite vacation). Notice the sensations you feel in your body and ask God what he wants you to know about Him during your purposeful time of gratitude.

  • Look for God in creation. Look for Him in the people you meet who are different than you. Look for Him in the sky or the flowers. Look for Him in the stillness of early mornings or rushing of the river. Simply go outside and be with Jesus.

We cannot approach 2021 the same way and expect different results (that’s the definition of insanity)! Let’s continue grieving, confess our sins, receive Jesus’s healing power, and rise to the challenge. I invite you to equip yourself for a better 2021.

Be bold. Be faithful. Be intentional. Be R A D I A N T.

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