• Aly Sterriker

Enneagram Twos

Two’s you’re on deck! Need a refresher on what the Enneagram is, how it works, and how all 9 types reflect Christ? You can go back and read our intro post for all the background info.

Twos are also called “The Supportive Advisor” or “The Helper.” They are generous, nurturing people who are...all about people! At their best, they are loving, compassionate, nurturing, generous, supportive, and tuned into how people feel. But this can devolve into two’s at their worse which can look martyr-like and manipulative. They can become possessive, needy, and overly accommodating.

Their core fear is being unloved or unwanted for being purely themselves and thus their core desire is to feel loved for just being themselves. Their core weakness is pride, which may feel very jarring to two’s, who pride themselves on being selfless and humble. However, pride plays out in their lives as the reluctance to admit their own needs and hurts and ask for help.

Twos are a reflection of God’s love and nurture. The lie they believe is that “it’s not okay to have your own needs,” but Christ and His Word remind us, “you are wanted!” He pursued us, broken and sinful, just as we were, and died on the cross just for you. Just as you are. Christ embodies the Two typology in that he demonstrated the ultimate act of love -- laying his life down for us. We can come to the feet of our Savior, imperfect and messy, because Christ was the perfect, spotless sacrifice (1 Peter 1:19). Twos should look to Jesus and know HE WANTED YOU.



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