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Enneagram Threes

Up next -- 3’s! If you need to catch up on what this Enneagram thing is, check out our intro post for all the background info.

Threes, also known as “The Successful Achiever,” are the ones you want on your team! They are adaptable, excelling, and driven. They can be image-conscious and chameleon-esque, as they are always reading the room for what type of person they need to be. At their best, threes are optimistic, efficient, energetic, goal-oriented, and a team builder. However, at their worst, they can become deceptive, pretentious, superficial, overly competitive, and a workaholic.

Three’s have a core fear of being worthless, a failure, incapable, unimpressive, and of being exposed. They play out their core desire by believing the lie: “If I become who I think you want me to be, then I will be successful and valuable.” But Jesus, and your people, love you 3’s just the way you are! Their core weakness is deceit, but this is one of self-deceit in that they often do not know their own true feelings because they’ve always just chased success.

Mighty three’s are a reflection of God’s hope and radiance! Carrying their fear of being unvalued, they can run to the arms of God where He whispers to them, “You are valued!” So much so that He sent His only son to live the perfect life that we cannot, in order to save our souls. Beth McCord says it best, “Threes, your failures are no longer a record of your value, but His sacrifice has secured your forgiveness.”

Christ embodies the Three typology in that He was the ultimate mover and shaker, one who wanted to change the world. And He did! His singular focus was redeeming hearts, even when it didn’t make sense to those around Him. Like in Mark 5, when Jesus goes out of His way to heal a sick woman who had been suffering 12 long years while on His way to see a centurion's sick daughter who was, you guessed it, 12 years old. In His “delay,” the young girl dies. But in Jesus’s perfect plan, He receives all the glory when He raises her from the dead. Talk about having hope in a Savior who is the ultimate achiever!



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