• Aly Sterriker

Enneagram Six

Welcome to the party, Enneagram sixes! Maybe I’m just extra excited for you sixes because I myself am one. If you need a refresher on what this whole Enneagram thing is, check out our intro post here for more info!

Sixes, also called “The Loyal Guardian” are reported to be the most common type, making up about 40% of the population. So there’s a good chance you either are a 6 or love a 6. They are hypervigilant and always prepared, even bordering on “worst case scenario” thinkers. At their best, sixes are prepared, trustworthy, witty, practical, and responsible. However, their core desire to have security, support, and guidance can deteriorate into anxiety and self-doubt, and even “running on stress while complaining about it.1At their worst, sixes can become dependent, paranoid, and defensive.

Sixes are constantly living a life with low-grade fear and anxiety, it’s their core weakness, believing that something bad could be (or is) lurking around the next corner. They struggle with their core fear of fear itself, not having support, security, guidance, or being unsafe, helpless, or abandoned. Maybe it’s just me and my 6 self, but does this not speak to the entire human condition without the gospel?!

Thankfully Christ answers a sixes’ deep-seeded fear with a message of safety, “I am all powerful and in my arms, you are safe.” PRAISE HIM! Christ most embodies the 6 typology by His actual death on the cross. There is no worse-case-scenario greater than eternal separation from our creator, so Jesus embodies the 6 in that He always had a plan for salvation -- Himself! If sixes are known to be loyal to a fault, then Christ was loyal to the death, quite literally. He is the Great Protector and Shepherd, fiercely guarding His flock. So rest easy sixes, you will never be abandoned, alone, or without support with our Savior on your side.

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