• Aly Sterriker

Enneagram Seven

Alrighty, Sevens, we know you bring the party, so thank you for being patient -- you’re up! Want to know what we’re talking about here with this Enneagram thing? Check out our intro post here for more info!

Someone who is an Enneagram type 7 is called “The Entertaining Optimist.” Sevens are spontaneous and fun-loving, playful and adaptive. They are always looking forward to the next fun thing. These are the friends that are planning their next vacation...while on vacation. At their best, sevens are imaginative, enthusiastic, and generally up for any adventure. However, at their worst, sevens can become distractible, scattered, and even manic. Because a seven’s core fear is being in pain or being deprived, they distract from negative emotions and experiences by jumping from one “more enjoyable” activity to another. Their core desire is to be satisfied and content so many sevens struggle with what’s colloquially called “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out). Many sevens are motivated by maintaining their freedom, experiencing all that there is in life, and generally just staying occupied.

While sevens sound like the life of the party, and they are, they are also masking a deep fear that they won’t be taken care of. As believers, we can point to Jesus as the sole and complete fulfiller of our portions! I’d encourage sevens to meditate on Jeremiah 2:13 where God tells us that not only are we trying to hold water with our own broken jars, but that HE is the wellspring of living water! In our broken, sinful state, we will always be thirsty. But in Christ alone, He provides living waters that quench us at a soul level. And we can enjoy as much of that spring as we need -- it never runs dry!

Jesus embodies the 7 typology on multiple levels. He literally brought the party with Him wherever He went, surrounding Himself with the 12 disciples throughout His ministry. His energy was contagious, He found a way to encourage and minister to many different walks of life. And His very first miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding! What’s more festive than that?! Beyond that, sevens can come to the feet of Jesus knowing that they can be fully satisfied and fully content only in Him and the peace that He provides.



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