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Enneagram Ones

Now that you understand a bit about the Enneagram and maybe even your own number, let’s dive into each of the 9 types themselves and how Christ is reflected in each. As a refresher, you can go back and read our intro post for some background info.

Ones are also called “The Moral Perfectionist” or “The Reformer.” They are rational and idealistic-type people who are purposeful, self-controlled, perfectionistic, and principled. At their best, they are ethical, reliable, productive, wise, conscientious, orderly, self-disciplined, and responsible. However, at their worst, they can deteriorate into critical perfectionism. This looks like the Type One becoming judgmental, inflexible, dogmatic, hyper-critical of others, uptight, controlling, anxious, and jealous.

Their core fear is being bad, evil, angry, wrong, inappropriate, corrupt, irresponsible, condemned, or unredeemable. Their core desire is to have integrity, balance, to be virtuous, ethical, and basically to be a “good boy or girl.” Their core weakness is anger in the form of resentment, which is repressed, and comes out as criticism.

Ones are a reflection of God’s goodness and righteousness. The lie they believe is if they can perfect their part of the world, they will be “good enough.” However, Christ’s work on the cross was the payment for our sins -- all of their imperfections have been wiped clean in Him! Christ embodies the One typology in that He is the only human who ever lived a perfect life. He set the example of righteousness, having been tested and tempted, but did not sin. (Matt. 4:1-11). We have the power to overcome temptation because the Holy Spirit lives in us. (Romans 8). Ones should look to Christ as the ultimate and only example of perfection, receive His mercy and grace, and rejoice because we can be made new by His sacrifice on the cross!



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