• Aly Sterriker

Enneagram Nines

Last but certainly not least, the “crown” of the Enneagram -- type nines! It’s been a while since we discussed what this whole Enneagram thing is, so if you need to check back with our intro post, do that now!

Type nines are sometimes called the “crown” of the Enneagram because they sit atop the 9-pointed diagram, giving them “perspective” into all 8 other numbers. Nines are called “The Peaceful Mediator” because they have the unique gifting of being able to see all sides. They can truly see everyone’s perspective! At their best, nines are peaceful, generous, and open-minded. However, when at their worst, nines can come across as passive-aggressive, stubborn, or even just spaced-out. Because their core desire is to have inner stability and peace of mind, some nines will go out of their way, even merging with others, to avoid conflict that would rock the boat.

Nines struggle with a core weakness of sloth, not in that they are lazy, but that they are “asleep” to themselves -- minimizing their needs and abilities for the sake of group peace. This plays out in their core fear of being in conflict, being loveless or separate, or in an inharmonious relationship where a 9 will default to whatever the group wants. Your nine friend is the one who never has an opinion on where they want to eat...

Luckily for us, our great Peaceful Mediator is THE Peaceful Mediator! Jesus most embodies the 9 typology, in that He quite literally mediated death! He stood in between our sin and our loving father and made a way for us to be in union with him. He speaks to the nine heart and whispers, “your presence matters,” when the world has screamed otherwise.



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