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Enneagram Fours

Your turn, Fours! Need a refresher on what this is all about? Check out our intro post for details and all things Enneagram.

Fours are known as “The Romantic Individualist” and are believed to be the rarest type of any of the numbers - which is perfect for fours because they are all about finding the beauty and “uniqueness” in themselves and life. At their best, fours are authentic, introspective, expressive, creative, and refined. However, their core desire to find themselves and their significance can deteriorate into self-indulgence. Then, a four can appear at their worst, which looks moody, withdrawn, depressed, with exaggerated moods.

A fours’ core fear is that of being inadequate, plain, defective, or flawed. They can sometimes believe the lie that, “If I engage you in a deep, textured, authentic way, you will see me and know me for who I truly am.” But my four friends -- Jesus sees you for who you are! And loves you the same! (Ps. 139)

Envy is the core weakness for our four friends, feeling that something fundamental is missing in them and coveting the ease that others seem to have in the world. While fours can sometimes be “dying to become someone,” Jesus reminds them that the “someone” is you because He made you in His perfect image!

Fours are a stunning reflection of God’s creativity and depth. They can find the beauty in all things and joy in the mundane. Fours are some of the most creative people you will meet, and I like to think that Jesus’ time as a carpenter speaks to this. They radiate with the intricacies that set them apart. Just as God’s creativity was flushed out in many forms -- man, animal, skies, seas -- fours often express their desire for uniqueness through art and song and writing.

I believe that Christ embodies the Four typology in that He was so unique, so significant that He lived the perfect, sinless life, giving Himself as the spotless sacrifice so that we, imperfect children, could have eternal life!



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