• Aly Sterriker

Enneagram Fives

Alrighty 5’s, we know you hate the spotlight, but you’re up! Wondering what we’re talking about with this Enneagram thing? Click here for our intro post for details.

Our beloved 5 friends, also called “The Investigative Thinkers,” strive to fully understand the world, valuing knowledge above many other things in life. At their best, fives are perceptive, curious, wise, witty, and observant. However, their core desire to be competent can deteriorate into an unhealthy version of themselves, hoarding useless information and specializations. At their best, fives become intellectually arrogant, stingy, stubborn, and cynical.

Fives are unique in that they have the lowest amount of energy of any type and that energy is finite. While the rest of us have 100% batteries, 5’s wake up each day with only 10-20%. Their day is spent managing that energy reserve and everything -- every interaction, every task -- taxes that energy. Because of this, fives can retreat into isolation, hoarding their resources and energy so as to avoid becoming dependent on others. Acquiring knowledge can give a 5 self-confidence, but it is far from the peace and assurance that only comes from Jesus’s work on the cross. Their core weakness of greed (of time and energy) should act as a reminder that only Jesus can sustain them and that they do not need to withhold themselves or their resources to avoid depletion.

Appearing incompetent and incapable is a 5’s core fear, believing the lie that if they are well informed and perceptive, they will be safe. However, as believers, we understand that true peace can only be found in the freedom we experience when we’re walking in Christ’s will -- not an accumulation of head knowledge. However, fives are a beautiful reminder and reflection of God’s beauty and wisdom.