• Jaclyn Warren

A Holy Pursuit of Christmas

Something happens to my heart each time we load up our family chaos and head out into the dark December night. It doesn't matter how hurried or frustrated I am; it just takes a drive past some twinkling lights to bring back the nostalgia of a childhood Christmas, when I first learned Jesus was born to be our light in the darkness; our joy to the world. I think back on the excited anticipation in my heart, and I desperately want to hang onto such lasting joy. I want peace and goodwill to settle on my street, and I want to remember God is with us.

Yet, this world can feel so noisy. Life can get so heavy. The gift list and grocery lists get so long, and the bank account is much too small. And it's so incredibly easy to forget that there's no way we can possibly purchase a perfect Christmas. We try to keep track of what everyone wants, and we can get so disappointed when we can't find the right things.

As a mom, I try so hard to deliver the "magic'' of Christmas. I want to give our children the best memories. I want to start more traditions. I'll spend so much time shopping and wrapping and crafting, yet I find I'm always left feeling spent and lacking.

Sisters, we must remember our joy is not found in creating a perfect Christmas. Our joy is found in pursuing a perfect Christ.

As we read Paul's pleas to the churches in the New Testament we are reminded that our hope is not found in society's definition of success and merriment. People will disappoint us. What feels good can mislead us. Even our most precious gifts will not last. Faults, sickness, and sin are sure to darken our expectations. Anxiety and depression and comparison will try hard to unplug the cord and dim the light.

Yet, we must remember God is with us. Jesus came to expose the enemy's attacks and guide us back to the truth about God's sovereignty and His amazing love for us.

Jesus simply asks that we follow Him.

We can follow Him to the grocery store and to the Interstate that's backed up with traffic. We can follow Him to the In-law's house and to the ATM and to the crowded restaurant as we wait for our table. We can follow Him to the rescue mission and the nursing home and back to our house when we've had a hard day.

We simply need to say His mighty name - King Jesus, our Lord. Born in flesh to save us.

We can sing praise to Him in worship. We can study His life and His way with our families, and serve Him in our homes and community. We can repent and ask forgiveness and demonstrate how brightly His light still shines.

Because, yes, the days are shorter. But The Light of the World has come.

We must make it the desire of our heart to realize ALL Jesus has done and love Him for it.

For this Advent season and beyond -

Lord, we want more of You.

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