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The word obey has many different interpretations, but the one I will focus on is shown to us in the Bible.

What does it truly mean to obey the Word of God?

The Bible proclaims that when we obey God, we will be blessed in return. Now let's dig deeper into what that means. You and I are already blessed with many things like our beauty, brains, and purity, but there are times when our blessings come in disguise as a result of our obedience. I think God likes to do that sometimes to remind us of our obedience to Him!

How can I obey the Word of God more?

A quick way to obey God is following His ten commandments! If you don’t know what the Ten Commandments are, they are simply rules that God sent to Moses after he parted the Red Sea so the people would obey Him and become good and pure Christians. That should be our goal every day! I sometimes wonder if we all just obeyed the ten commandments, would we live in a world with a lot less hate and a little more love?

The Ten Commandments are:

  1. Don’t worship any other gods (there is only ONE God, Jesus!)

  2. Don’t have idols (someone or something you worship)

  3. Don’t use God’s name in vain (don’t use His name casually)

  4. Keep the sabbath day holy (7th day/ Sunday)

  5. Honor your father and mother (even when they give you chores)

  6. Do not murder (that’s just bad)

  7. Do not commit adultery (cheating on husband or wife)

  8. Do not steal (don’t take things or people’s ideas)

  9. Do not lie (it is easier to tell the truth)

  10. Do not covet (envy or jealousy)

Now I know this is a lot, and maybe you have broken one of these commandments, but that's ok because God forgives you and knows humans are not perfect.

What if I do not obey God all the time?

Deuteronomy 11:26-28 Moses wrote, “Obey and you will be blessed. Disobey and you will be cursed." In the New Testament, we learn through the example of Jesus Christ that believers are called to a life of obedience. If you choose not to obey God, it is a sin. The Bible also states that obeying is about trust. I guess trust is something that comes first in order to obey someone. It's like walking blindfolded but you know God is always there to lead you in the right direction and to catch you if you fall. So don’t beat yourself up if you missed a chance to obey God.

The path that God is leading you in might not be the same as your friends and family but when you take that first leap and obey everything He has to say, then the outcome is grand!

How can I be more obedient?

One way to find obedience is through worship. To be honest, you can find a lot of things through worship. A good question you might be asking is, “what are we showing God when we worship Him?” When you worship God, you are displaying your faith, trust, and commitment! All of these are found in obedience! Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and when we obey Him, it shows our faith in Him.

Takeaway: When you obey God you're showing Him you are committed to Him and your relationship with Him because you're proving that you're all in with God.



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