Read the Bible in a Year


One of the most important ways that we can transform our pursuit of Christ is by spending time in God’s Word.


We believe that the entirety of Scripture is true, authoritative, and sufficient. Therefore, we are honored to walk alongside our Radiant Sisters as we soak in the entire Bible in a year! 

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Your Questions Answered

What if I am feeling overwhelmed? 

Sister, extend yourself some grace.  We understand that life happens and everyone’s commitment to obedience will look a little different.  Our hope is simply to encourage and equip you to get into your Bible - whatever that looks like.  What path of obedience looks realistic for your season of life right now?

  • I'm committed to obediently following along on social media to read the daily scriptures. 

  • I'm committed to the above and obediently reading 3-4 days a week alongside the reading plan.  

  • I'm committed to the above and obediently 6-7 days a week alongside the reading plan. 

  • I'm committed to the above and obediently inviting my Radiant Sisters to join me on this journey.


We love you and are celebrating whatever path of obedience you committed to today!  Now, don’t forget to sign up to receive your reading plan, follow us on social for the daily scripture postings, and join the online community on Facebook to find encouragement, accountability, and a safe place to ask questions.

Why Chronological? 

Our chronological Bible in a year reading plan includes the entirety of Scripture arranged in the order the events unfolded. This unique perspective allows you to take in the entire Bible as a single story and see how God’s plan has unfolded throughout history. 


(Please note that our one-year chronological reading plan is based upon the ESV plan and may not necessarily match other one-year reading plans. We recommend you not buy a chronological Bible but, instead, use your regular print or electronic Bible).

What if I Missed the Jan. 1 launch?

No worries! It is never too late to start reading the Word of God. However, we do recommend starting with Day 1 in Genesis just like you would any other book (the story builds over time and comes alive in new ways when you read it from beginning to end). Whichever way you decide to begin, we are glad you are joining us and look forward to hearing your perspectives! 

Contributing Writers


Monthly encouragement, resources, commentary and more provided via email throughout the year from the following women.

Author | Speaker | Coach


Author | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker 


Hannah Kalk

Author | Speaker | Co-Founder

Radiant Sisters

Rocky Bush

Author | Speaker | Co-Founder

Radiant Sisters

Custody Mentor | Founder of


Women's Ministry 

Contributing Writer

Aly Sterriker

Enneagram Aficionado

Contributing Writer

Blogger | Freelance  Writer 

Pieces of Jessika

13 Years Old | Co-Founder of @SeedsforGirls

Larae Humes

Youth and Women's Ministry 

Contributing Writer

Brandi Schulz

Cancer Warrior | Writer

Contributing Writer

Bible Teacher | Speaker | Author

Discovering Truth Ministries

Contributing Writer

Blogger | Mommy's 15 Minutes

Contributing Writer

"In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

John 1:1 (ESV)

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